Cigar Basics

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Cigar Basics

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Cigar Basics

Anatomy of a Cigar

Cigar can be divided to several functional parts both in its length and in depth.

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Cigar Colors

The color of a cigar wrapper is one of the most important characteristics. It depends on the leaves that were used for rolling and on curing methods. Each type of wrapper gives a unique taste and flavor to a cigar.

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Cigar Shapes

In cigars, as in real life, there's much ado about size. But does it really make a difference? Should you expect a thick and intimidating nine-incher to be better than a modest four-and-a-half?

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This is where you find the meaning of all major cigar terms!

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Cuban Box Codes

You already noticed that every box of Cuban cigars has a strange stamp on the bottom. Probably you also know that it designates the factory and date of production. But do you know how to understand it?

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Cigar Accessories

A good cigar is nothing without accessories, such as lighters, cutters, ashtrays, and everything else. Just imagine, you have a plenty of those beautiful Cuban stogies from different brands, with a perfect appearance and nice aroma, but don't have proper accessories to finally start smoking them! So some smart people who probably didn't know the art of blending different tobaccos, decided they would rather help us smoke our cigars in the most comfortable way possible.

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Cigar Band

What is a cigar band? Is it a little piece of paper you notice each time you smoke your cigar or make an inspection in your humidor? An accessory a cigar is almost impossible without (only in case it was given to you by a street roller)? It could be anything but only a few of us have ever wondered where that band custom came from. Have you?

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