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Anatomy of a Cigar

Cigar can be divided to several functional parts both in its length and in depth.

Vertically it consists of a cap, body and foot.

Cap is a loose piece of tobacco applied to the top of a cigar with natural glue. It prevents the wrapper from unraveling.

Body is the main part of cigar.

Foot (also called Tuck) is the other end of the cigar; that you light.

The body of a cigar consists of three main layers:

Filler - tobacco leaves in the middle of the cigar. The leaves that are used for the filler usually come from the top of the plant, called Ligero. They are dark and oily, burn slow and deliver most of the flavor. Filler can be long or short.

Long filler is filled with long tobacco leaves. Cigars with long filler are usually handmade, and all premium handmade cigars have long filler

Short Filler is filled with cut up pieces of tobacco, in a machine made cigar.

Binder is a tough, coarse tobacco leaf that holds the filler and the wrapper together. The leaves are harvested from the middle of the tobacco plant, Seco. They are lighter than Ligero in both color and flavor.

Wrapper is a silky leaf of tobacco that burns well. The leaves come from the bottom of the tobacco plant - Volado. The way cigar looks and feels on your lips totally depends on the wrapper.

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Nice concise explanation of the anatomy of a cigar. Great illustration of the tobacco plant and the anatomy of a cigar!
Fernando Arozqueta
I think that the order of the use of the leaves is backwards. The wrapper is from the ligero and not the other way around.
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