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Cigar Colors

The color of a cigar wrapper is one of the most important characteristics. It depends on the leaves that were used for rolling and on curing methods. Each type of wrapper gives a unique taste and flavor to a cigar.

The most widely known colors are:

Double Claro - Light green to yellow shade wrapper also called Candela. It is achieved by a heat-assisted quick-drying process. Such wrapper is characterized by a very mild flavor and slightly sweet taste.

Claro - Light tan wrapper. To achieve this color, tobacco is usually grown under shade tents, leaves are picked before they mature and are quickly air-dried. As a rule claro cigars are mild and smooth because the wrapper does not make an impact to the flavor.

Natural - Light brown to brown, also called colorado claro, often sun-grown wrappers. They result in a fuller bodied flavor if compared to the Claro.

Colorado - Medium-brown to reddish dark brown. Usually shade-grown and robust and rich in flavor.

Colorado Maduro - Dark brown, aromatic and rich medium flavor. The color shade is between Colorado and Maduro.

Maduro - Very dark reddish-brown to almost black. It is achieved either by "cooking" the leaves in a pressure chamber, or fermenting them for a longer period of time in very hot conditions. The wrapper usually sweet and indicates a strong flavor.

Oscuro - The darkest maduro wrapper, almost black. It means that the leaf was left on the plant and fermented the longest. The cigars are characterized by a full-bodied flavor. As a rule such wrappers are of Nicaraguan, Mexican or Brazilian origin.

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Again, a nice concise description of cigar colors. As a novice cigar smoker, should I expect to see these color descriptions used uniformly throughout the industry or do the manufacturers have ther own color designations?
american muscle
good article on cigar colors
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