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Comme il faut

Good cigar etiquette is a simple thing, but it sometimes makes a lot of difference to those around you.

It is well known that premium cigar lovers appreciate food, wine and liqueurs. The best times for offering a cigar is after a meal, with dessert, port, cognac or coffee. You can also enjoy your favorite cigars while commuting to and from work, while walking the dog, during or after business meetings and basically just any time you're looking to enjoy the relaxation and fulfillment provided by a great cigar.

Band on, or band off? That is a long-standing debate that has no clear end. Leaving it on allows people to see what brand you are smoking.

It takes a little practice to remove the band. They are glued on, and tearing the wrapper is not what you want. Smoke the cigar a bit to warm it up, then you'll be able to remove the band with no harm to the wrapper.

As for lighting a cigar - this is an important part of the whole ritual. Never ask someone else for a light or suggest lighting another's cigar. The smoker can draw in too hard, which is bad for a cigar, so better offer your lighter or matches to them.

Allow at least 15 minutes between cigars as anything less points to obsessive behavior.

You should savor the cigar, appreciate it for the taste, the feel, and the aroma. Smoke it slowly. Avoid too much puffing (a puff a minute is about right), and always remember - do not inhale.

Never let your cigar die out to smoke it later. It will never taste as good again.

Holding a cigar. Do not clench your cigar between your teeth and hold it between your index finger and your thumb, not between your index finger and middle finger.

Always allow the cigar to die a dignified death. Do not put it out by crushing it in an ashtray. Dispose of a dead cigar discreetly and quickly.

And one more important thing about cigar etiquette - 'how to offer a cigar'? It is very simple - just bring a wide open cigar case to let the person make a choice.

So... All the rules are observed and therefore you sit back with your cigar in one hand, a glass of port, scotch, or wine in the other and discus humidors and habanos all night long!

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very good article, it helped resolve some debates with friends
Great Article, but in terms of etiquette, and given the choice of someone else's humidor, if the only 'decent' cigars are his Cohiba Esplendidos, should you defer to his pocket and smoke the 'other' machine manufactured brand or defer to your taste and take the good smoke?
If you are not supposed to let you cigar die out AND you are not supposed to stub in out in an ashtray... HOW THEN DO YOU FINISH A CIGAR PROPERLY?!
David, good question, LOL. I would pick a Cohiba Esplendidos unless he only has a few left :)
Good article, but need to include more information.
Very good article. Sure wish a lot of these Cats who think they're cigar smokers would research the art of this ritual. So much history and knowledge behind this habit.
Regarding the holding of a cigar, why does this article say to hold one way but the cartoon mascot at the top of the page is holding a cigar in the manner described as "wrong"
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