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Cigar History

From the Very Beginning...

Cigars have a long history of nearly 2000 years. There's a belief that they descend from Central America where smoking habits were very popular among such ancient cultures as Mayans and Aztecs. Cigars which they smoked somewhat resembled modern stogies and had the shape of tubes of not tightly rolled tobacco.

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Cuban Cigars: Myth or Reality?

I never doubted the existence of Cuban cigars, of course, but often met some affirmations about these cigars which couldn't be taken seriously though some people did believe them. Today I feel it's time to reveal some secrets about these beautiful stogies and deny some information you thought was an absolute truth before.

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Cigars and Churchill

Everyone has its own little secrets but when it becomes a passion, the world calls it a hobby in case of famous people and an obsession in all other cases. Winston Churchill was both passionate and obsessed with cigars - no important political or public event could be held without one (or sometimes much more than one) of his favorite Cuban cigars. Many wonder, when did this lifelong hobby begin? And how could he live such a long life smoking up to 6-8 cigars a day?

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Famous Cuban Cigars Factories

Havana Partagas factory (also known as the Francisco Perez German) was established in 1845 by Jaime Partagás who has been already long in the cigar business. But before establishing his own factory, he created the brand "La Flor de Tabacos de Partagas y Compania" in 1844 that actually marked the birth of the new cigar star - the Partagas cigars.

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The Maya and Tobacco

The Maya - one of the greatest civilizations ever, was meant to leave a trace in the world's history. Their stone towns, profound knowledge of astronomy and many other monuments they left behind are still waiting for decryption.

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Cuban Embargo: from the very beginning

Would you like me to remind you how it began? I'm sure the majority of you know how it started and the main reasons for the embargo being imposed over everything that bore Cuban name or was of Cuban origin. But let us revise these reasons once again.

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