Cuban Embargo: from the very beginning

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Cuban Embargo: from the very beginning

Would you like me to remind you how it began? I'm sure the majority of you know how it started and the main reasons for the embargo being imposed over everything that bore Cuban name or was of Cuban origin. But let us revise these reasons once again.

It started in 1958 when an armed conflict between Cuban rebels and the Fulgencio Batista government burst out causing an US arms embargo. It continued in 1960 when Cuban government under the leadership of Fidel Castro began seizing US properties which forced US government reducing the Cuban import quota of brown sugar to 700 000 tons. But Cubans didn't get lost, and sold the sugar to the Soviet Union instead.

In 1962, the year of the total Cuban embargo, the then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy has signed the Executive Order extending the ban over more items produced by Cuban Republic, including his and our favorite Cuban cigars. But he has prudently asked his press secretary, Pierre Salinger to obtain as many of his beloved H.Upmanns as he could. The result of that order was 1.200 boxes of H.Upmann Petit Coronas the next day, before the embargo came into force.

Unfortunately the ban continued spreading on other fields of lives of usual US and Cuban citizens, and not only on trading relationships. In 1977, US travelers were banned from making trips to Cuba. In 2004 they were finally allowed visiting the country of best cigars and rum but cannot spend their money there or receive gifts without a special license to be issued from the a US government Office of Foreign Assets Control.

The Cuban embargo was codified into law and called the Cuban Democracy Act in 1992. The US citizens may now visit the Cuban island but are not allowed to buy Cuban cigars there or bring them into the United States.

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