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Cigar Repair

Burn Problems

A hand made cigar has a long way to go before becoming the excellent product that you will be fond of. Certainly, not each item produced by a lot of professionals, will achieve the top-notch level it was aimed at. The main idea of this review is to make its best by aiding those smokers who wish to be in touch with the situation of different burn problems, like runners, canoeing, tunneling, etc

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Mold on cigars

How to locate, avoid and fight it.

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Cigar Beetles

Our world is full of different species of insects. We see them everyday and everywhere: on the walls of a house, on the earth, on every surface available to those crawling, running and flying little guys. And we can also find beetles on our beloved stogies, which is the saddest thing in the universe for an aficionado.

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Bad Draw

I think anyone faced draw problems at least once, even with a premium cigar. What causes this annoyance and how you can handle it - that's what we will discuss here.

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