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Cigar Smoking


You probably want to ask whether cutting is that important, don't you? Well, the answer is - yes, it is. A right clean cut is really necessary to fully enjoy smoking a cigar.

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You bought the right stogie. You administered the perfect cut. You're one step away from taking that amazing first draw.

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Cigar in Dynamics

Burning of a cigar is divided into two phases: active (when you are actually drawing) and passive (between the draws). While you are drawing the air is sucked into the cigar body through the incandescence zone, and thus the smoke flow, which is called mainstream, is formed. In between the draws, the air goes upwards around the incandescence zone sustaining burning and producing the smoke flow which is called sidestream.

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The Ash Knows...

You'd be surprised. Cigar ash is a lot more than just a pile of burnt leaves. Inorganic, carbon-based mineral it may be, but if you know what you're looking for, you can tell quite a bit about the cigar. What it contains, how it was made and how it was smoked. Even where it came from!

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Seasonal Smokes

Have you ever noticed any shifts in taste when choosing a cigar caused by change of seasons? I did. Actually many smokers face the same phenomenon and it's 100% normal. Here we have some suggestions for you to enjoy the right smoke at the right time.

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When you smoke a cigar, you don't need to swallow the fume into your lungs but to taste and sample it. The clue to be pleased with your stogie is to pull the smoke in, allow it to twirl in your mouth, smack it like a nice drink, and then free it from your mouth.

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Cigar Tasting

Cigar as well as wine, cognac, whiskey etc. requires tasting. This is usually made to define the various nuances which a cigar can evolve - while touching, tasting and smelling it. There are lots of hints which cannot be identified by non-experienced smokers as they don't have many cigars under their belt to compare. There is a special technique which allows a professional taster to detect the hints different cigars possess. However, everyone would like to know the secret of tasting a cigar - not to become a professional, but simply to take a delight in smoking.

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How to avoid bad breath after smoking

I like smoking cigars, it's one of my favorite pastimes and I am not planning to quit no matter what (I mean, global financial crisis:)). But I do have a small issue after smoking my favorite stogies - it's the bad breath I feel after a while, especially in the morning. I'm sure many of you face this kind of problem, and tried lots of remedies but nothing worked. But before I give you the tips that should help you in case you got tired of how your mouth smells, let's take a look at what causes your mouth smell like hell;).

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Cigars on Vacation

I understand that while it is quite early to discuss this matter, every cigar smoker, now and then, has found himself/herself in a kind of situation when packing for a vacation and not knowing what cigars to take with them. Have you ever had sleepless nights, thinking over and over again about what kind of brand to take with you on holidays, the number, the occasion you are going to smoke them on, etc.? If yes, then you are welcome to read a piece of advice that could probably ease your burden and make you feel happier.

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