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Cigars on Vacation

I understand that while it is quite early to discuss this matter, every cigar smoker, now and then, has found himself/herself in a kind of situation when packing for a vacation and not knowing what cigars to take with them. Have you ever had sleepless nights, thinking over and over again about what kind of brand to take with you on holidays, the number, the occasion you are going to smoke them on, etc.? If yes, then you are welcome to read a piece of advice that could probably ease your burden and make you feel happier.

The brand

I understand that almost each cigar smoker has his/her own cigar preferences, one or several. You should consider whether you need to take with you several brands or only one, but your favorite one. I realize that you could give in to temptation and take as many brands as possible, just in case. But let's be honest - you would hardly be able to smoke them all on a 7 day vacation. However, if you plan to meet your friends there who are also fond of Cuban cigars, you could take some additional sticks as a present - the ones you don't really like. ;)

The quantity

The number of cigars you would like to take on a trip is closely connected to the first paragraph, the brand. You could easily decide on one favorite brand but the following thing to think upon would be how many cigars would you like to take there? A dozen? A 5 pack? Or the whole box where you are storing almost 50 cigars at a time?

If you're an avid smoker, then 50 cigars would be just right for you. But let's be sincere, cigars are not like cigarettes, they cannot be smoked in large quantities. A cigar should be savoured, enjoyed and delighted, and you can hardly enjoy something in a hurry.

As in the above case, you could take some extra sticks to give away as a present or just to make others appreciate and love Cuban cigars.

The accessories

What kind of cigar accessories do you need to be completely happy on vacation? Do you really need your whole arsenal consisting of three cutters, 5 lighters, 7 ashtrays and matches of different brands? Let's be real, you won't need all this stuff, and could take one lighter and matches. However, if you are going to a place where cigar shops are commonplace, you could buy the accessories there, as well as cigars, perhaps.

The occasion

One of the major things to consider when deciding on what kind of and how many cigars to take on a trip is the occasion they could be smoked on (except for your natural desire). If you are planning to play golf, to ride a horse or a bike, you need to consider how many cigars you use to smoke while doing these activities. The golf requires a lot of thinking, time and cigars, so take more than 10 with you, if you are going to play it.

Riding a horse requires strength, so you could hardly smoke a cigar and ride a horse at the same time. 1 cigar a day would be enough, so you won't need more than 10 cigars in this case.

Anyway, no matter how many or little cigars you will take on vacation, remember to select them carefully and savour every moment of smoking them.

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