How to avoid bad breath after smoking

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How to avoid bad breath after smoking

I like smoking cigars, it's one of my favorite pastimes and I am not planning to quit no matter what (I mean, global financial crisis:)). But I do have a small issue after smoking my favorite stogies - it's the bad breath I feel after a while, especially in the morning. I'm sure many of you face this kind of problem, and tried lots of remedies but nothing worked. But before I give you the tips that should help you in case you got tired of how your mouth smells, let's take a look at what causes your mouth smell like hell;).


The tobacco smoke in your mouth dries out the protective saliva which flows through the mouth and cleanse the bacteria, thus allowing microbes easily penetrate your oral cavity. Hence, the bad odor when you are breathing.

The quality of the cigar you are smoking is another criterion to be taken into consideration when trying to eliminate the bad odor. Please be sure that you smoke high quality cigars that are aged for no less than 6 months because young stogies emit ammonia and bitter flavors which will result in bad breath.

Not helping at all:

Don't be misled by the multiple ads you see on TV or hear on the radio - they say, chewing gum and/or mints will help you get rid of bad breath, no matter what is the cause. I am sorry to disappoint you but they won't help you - they will mask the odor for a short period but won't be able to eliminate the bacteria.

May help you:

Never smoke a cigar without eating and drinking something before going to bed - a bad breath after you wake up is guaranteed. Try to drink as much as possible while smoking - it could be whiskey, tea or water - the last is the best solution because it rinses your mouth and produces saliva which is one of the main enemies for bacteria.

If time is essential and no other remedies are available, try chewing parsley after smoking. It will both clean your mouth and leave a pleasant aftertaste and freshness in it.

Citrus is another natural way of getting rid of the bad breath - try drinking lemonade after smoking, and that will help removing any undesirable flavors that stay for long.

The last and maybe one of the most efficient remedies when in need of a speedy action is rinsing your mouth with one of the mouth washes you could find at any store. Choose the one that fits you the best, and go ahead - you could try Targon, Smart Mouth or Cigar Clear.

I hope that this article helps you escape this kind of issue and save you a lot of nerve cells.

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you know what else really really works as to straight up gargle with hydrogen peroxide and it will foam in your mouth and then you know its killing the bacteria
is and then scrape your tongue and gargle with your tongue sticking out it's quite the miracle
Gary Dean
I use these Teeth wipes and found they work really well. Here is the link
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