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Cigar Storage

The Truth About Humidors

As with cigars themselves, there's a lot of pomp and ceremony around humidors. So let's get the facts straight.

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Storing without Humi

A lot of smokers face the problem of storing cigars without humidors. Not only beginners, but also connoisseurs in this field have difficulties with cigars' storage. There are several inexpensive and easy ways to store your stogies. The most popular among aficionados are the following: "Tupperdors", "Igloodors" or "Coolerdors", and "Fridgeador".

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Travelling with Cigars

Becoming a cigar aficionado means the acquisition of a lot of different things, like humidor, ashtray, matches and lighters, cutter, tubes, hygrometer and humidifier. You cannot avoid any of these devices as it helps you enjoy your cigar in comfortable conditions at home, near a cozy fire. The same while traveling - you don't want to be on a journey without your favorite stogies. This is why there is a variety of travel humidors on the market - it is up to you what shape, color and size to choose.

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Maintain a Humidor

Once you buy your first box of cigars, your buy list becomes bigger. Lighting up a cigar, you ask yourself whether you should buy a humidor for your stogies. Many of us consider this purchase unnecessary as there are another ways to store them, less expensive. Therefore, this article is created to show the importance of cigars' humidors and tips for maintaining them correctly.

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Cigar Hygrometers

You've filled your humidor with the finest cigars and your fingers itch to enjoy one each time you walk by. But, without controlling the humidity, you might not get to enjoy that next cigar as much as you had hoped.

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Cigar Humidification Systems

The type of humidor you choose and the brands of cigars you fill it with are important, but without the proper humi-care, all of the time and money you put in is lost. Without an effective humidification system inside your humidor, the humidity levels get too far out of sync, and your cigars become difficult to smoke, unpleasant, or even permanently damaged.

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Aging Cigars

A good cigar needs to be seasoned - this is a rule of thumb, which all true aficionados or those, who want to become like that, should follow. Of course, every stogie is aged at the factory in order to dry and normalize. This procedure will enhance the aroma, the burn and draw of a cigar. Usually, the process of stabilization lasts for 6 - 8 weeks which is considered to be sufficient; still it would be better for your cigars to undergo a longer ageing process as this will allow their fragrances melting and blending into a unique smoke.

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A Collection of Amazing Humidors

A cigar humidor is not only a necessity, a must-have object for every cigar smoker that is smoking on a daily basis and is cosidering himself/herself a true aficionado...A humidor is a luxury, a masterpiece a true smoker should be proud of.

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