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Cuban Brands

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Cigar brand Cohiba is very famous and popular both among cigar aficionado and novices all over the world. Not only it embodies the sign of richness, well-being and prosperity but it is also a flagship for Cuba and its absolute leader Fidel Castro. The latter is in fact the founder of this brand manufacturing. But let's start from the very beginning.

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Top 100 Cubans

Here is a list of Top 100 Cuban Best Selling cigars for the year 2010 based on REAL sales of online Cuban cigar stores. These are the cigars that REAL people like and buy:

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The Oldest Cuban Brands

Have you ever wondered what kind of Cuban cigar brand was the first to be released and thus start the era of elite Cuban Cigars? These items are always sough-after and highly appreciated by cigar aficionados from all over the world, so knowing a little of their history would only add to your experience. We've chosen three brands which you are surely familiar with, and are glad to carry you back to the day when these cigar legends were "born".

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The story of this brand takes its roots from the beginning of 20th century, namely 1935. A very energetic, enterprising and rich person Alonso Menéndez has bought the Particulares factory that was manufacturing such brands as Particulares and Byron cigars. Not long after the purchase, Menendez started producing new cigars - the Montecristo brand named after the legendary and very popular Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Count of Monte Cristo".

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Cuban Cigars - Bolivar

One of the most underestimated cigars, this stogie is the synonym of "strength", "power" and "authority" among havanas. The stick was named after the legendary figure of the 19th century, Simon Bolivar, who was one of the most famous revolutionaries and politics from Latin America.

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A cigar with a beautiful name and of Cuban origin - the Trinidad - has been produced since 1969 and given as a gift to the diplomats. However, the public at large has got to know it at the end of the 20th century, namely in 1998.

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Vegas Robaina

A very long time ago, almost a century back, in 1919, a boy was born. It happened in Alquizar in La Habana Province of Cuba. The boy's father, Maruto, decided to name his son Alejandro. This is the first part of Alejandro Robaina's story - one of the most renowned tobacco growers in Cuba.

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New from Habanos S.A. (part1)

I thought you might be interested in learning the latest trends in the Habanos world. They have really spoiled us this year with a lot of new cigars and limited edition releases. I hope that everyone manages to try at least half of their new production before the end of the year. ;)

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New from Habanos S.A. (part 2)

Here goes the second part of the Habanos novelty they have prepared for us, are you ready to learn what it is?

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Replica Humidors from Habanos S A

Have you ever dreamt of an ancient humidor, from a rare collection that was released, say, 50 or 100 years ago? Finding such humidors nowadays is almost impossible, that's why, several years ago, the Habanos authorities decided to start releasing imitations of such humidors.

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