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The story of this brand takes its roots from the beginning of 20th century, namely 1935. A very energetic, enterprising and rich person Alonso Menéndez has bought the Particulares factory that was manufacturing such brands as Particulares and Byron cigars. Not long after the purchase, Menendez started producing new cigars - the Montecristo brand named after the legendary and very popular Alexandre Dumas' novel "The Count of Monte Cristo".

The cigar has gained huge popularity among smokers, mainly thanks to its great quality and a touch of romanticism it carried behind its back because of its literary name.

In 1937 Don Alonzo has founded a new firm and called it Menéndez, García y Cía - after the last names of him and his partners. At the same year they acquired the bankrupt H. Upmann Factory from J. Frankau SA and changed the place of manufacturing the Montecristo brand from Particulares' to the H.Upmann factory.

The John Hunter Morris and Elkan Co. Ltd. was the sole distributor of Montecristo cigars in the United Kingdom. They have created the present brand's logo which is now associated only with Montecristo cigars - the triangle of 6 swords surrounding the fleur-de-lis against a yellow background.

The firm has later emerged with J. Frankau SA which was the only distributor of H.Upmann cigars and became known as Hunters & Frankau that are the exclusive distributors of all Cuban cigars in the present Great Britain.

The brand has since become one of the favorites among cigar smokers of all ages, welfare standards and political beliefs from all over the world. It brought fame and helped his creators make a fortune; however in 1961, after the infamous Cuban Revolution, Menendez and Garcia were forced to flee the country and leave their brainchild to the Cuban Government.

Nevertheless, the Montecristo brand (the Cuban made) is considered to be the flagship of Cuban cigars and is marketed as a global brand, along with Cohiba, Partagas, Romeo Y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, H.Upmann and Jose L. Piedra cigars.

The brand serves as a level of quality other brands take as example - to improve the quality of their cigars.

All Montecristo vitolas are hand-made with long filter, and a medium-bodied range.

They say if you didn't try a Montecristo cigar in your life, you know nothing about Cuban cigars at all.

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