Replica Humidors from Habanos S A

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Replica Humidors from Habanos S A

Have you ever dreamt of an ancient humidor, from a rare collection that was released, say, 50 or 100 years ago? Finding such humidors nowadays is almost impossible, that's why, several years ago, the Habanos authorities decided to start releasing imitations of such humidors.

H'Upmann's Ancient Humidor

The first model was released in 2006, with only 200 items available to the whole world at La Casa Del Habano exclusively. The humidor bore the name of the H.Upmann which contained 50 cigars known as Tacos Imperiales. Each of them measured 168 mm, with a ring gauge 49. The cigar was a light to medium smoke, created by the best Cuban rollers, for the best of us; however, it is not available at the markets already. Unfortunately, only the luckiest people were able to purchase such humidor and keep it as a great memory in their collection.

Partagás Ancient Humidor

The second humidor-reproduction was launched at the end of 2007 - a year after the first replica was released. The quantity remained unchanged - only 200 items released for a worldwide sale, available at La Casa del Habano solely. The humidor was a perfect imitation of an amazing humidor that was supposedly sold at the beginning of the 20th century.

Each humidor contained 50 cigars - a new vitola from the Partagas brand, the Sobresalientes which measured 153 mm, with a ring gauge 53. A truly immense cigar for connoisseurs who appreciate strength and power!

Romeo Y Julieta Ancient Humidor

The third humidor didn't keep us waiting too long, being released at the beginning of 2008, in April. The Romeo Y Julieta humidors were manufactured by hand, by one of the most renowned Cuban jeweler Ernesto Aguilera who was also responsible for the release of the two previous models.

The 250 boxes contained 50 cigars each - another forgotten vitola with an impressive size - the Romeos, with ring gauge 52 and 162 mm length. The size has been discontinued in the 70's, and revived in 2000 - for the 125th anniversary of the RYJ brand, released in a Commemorative Humidor.

Montecristo Ancient Humidor

The fourth humidor from the imitation series was dedicated to the Montecristo family, released in a limited quantity - only 350 humidors saw the light in 2009.

The humidors were manufactured by our old acquaintance, Mr. Ernesto Aguilera, holding 50 Dobles Coronas each. These incredibly! long cigars which are 194 mm long, with a ring gauge 49, will surely appeal to the Montecristo lovers all over the world!

Hoyo de Monterrey Ancient Humidor

And, finally, the recent addition to the reproduction line was the Hoyo de Monterrey humidor, released in the quantity of 350 units.

After the last release in 2009, the Habanos authorities probably decided that we have too many rare humidors in stock. Thanks God, this year they came back with the great "revival" idea, releasing the fifth humidor, commemorating the Hoyo de Monterrey brand this time.

As it happened in 2009, the quantity of released boxes has grown till 350 units, each of them holding 50 cigars. The Maravillas No 1 shape has been chosen for the release, designed for people who like bigger sizes. It measures 182 mm long and possesses a 55 ring gauge.

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