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Vegas Robaina

A very long time ago, almost a century back, in 1919, a boy was born. It happened in Alquizar in La Habana Province of Cuba. The boy's father, Maruto, decided to name his son Alejandro. This is the first part of Alejandro Robaina's story - one of the most renowned tobacco growers in Cuba.

Alejandro Robaina's life has always been connected to tobacco cultivation and cigar smoking. The boy began helping his family when he was 10 years old, and started smoking cigars soon afterwards. After Alejandro's father, Maruto died in 1950, Mr. Robaina became the head of their family business and has been known as one of the most respected people in Cuba, as well as all over the world since then.

The tobacco leaves at the Robaina farm are considered to be the best in Cuba, with many renowned cigar brands being rolled from this tobacco, such as Cohiba and Hoyo de Monterrey. Mr Robaina, himself has been considered the "Godfather" of Cuban cigars. There was something special in Alejandro's attitude towards cigars and Cuba, in general, as his was the only plantation in the whole country that didn't become nationalized after the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and was so much respected by Fidel Castro that the latter didn't dare to take his land by force.

Though Alejandro Robaina has gained the status of a legend a long time ago, the Habanos S.A. decided to honor him only in 1997, launching a cigar line bearing his name. The brand has quickly become very popular among aficionados and is considered as one of the flagships of Cuban cigar industry.

The brand is often characterized as a medium to strong blend, with an outstanding aroma, good burn and exquisite presentation. It features 5 hand-made vitolas, which are the following:


Ring Gauge: 42

Length: 165

Shape: Cervantes

Don Alejandro

Ring Gauge: 49

Length: 194

Shape: Prominente


Ring Gauge: 42

Length: 142

Shape: Corona


Ring Gauge: 48

Length: 127

Shape: Hermoso No. 4


Ring Gauge: 52

Length: 156

Shape: Piramide

Unfortunately, Don Alejandro Robaina has been diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and died at the same year, at his home near Pinar del Rio plantation. He has given the reins of government of his tobacco plantation to his grandson Hiroshi a couple of years before his death.

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