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Drink and Food Suggestions

Cigar Gastronomy

Matching cigars to anything is very individual. There cannot be any strict or hard rules when it comes to cigar smoking. But we can offer some advice anyway.

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Choosing Best Drink

Smoking a cigar is an art which one should learn to enjoy the stogie. One of the nuances that every aficionado should know is pairing the right cigar with the right beverage. There are lots of opinions, which spirits go well and which do not while puffing one of your favorite stogies but the correct one is the one you like.

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Coffee and Cigars

- Would you like a cup of coffee?

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Whiskey or Scotch

Whiskey or Single-malt scotch, what do you prefer most with a delicious cigar? Well, it's a tricky question ;-) The thing is that these spirits are one and the same, that is to say single malt scotch is whiskey produced from malted barley and is not blended with any other type of whiskey from different distilleries.

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Beer and Cigars

Beer and cigars - what do they have in common? The cigar which is often the sign of richness, well being of aristocracy or a prosperous bourgeois wasn't even seen next to beer - a symbol of working class who enjoy life watching TV and smoking cigarettes. But the history is constantly changing, so are people preferences. This pair doesn't seem weird anymore and though there is a cigar smokers' layer who still considers this combination dangerous, beer is now ranked among classic cigar beverages, such as cognac, whiskey, wine, etc.

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Rum and Cigars

Cigars and rum...mmm - a divine combination! I'm sure this pair sounds familiar to you. Doesn't it remind you of your childhood? I do remember a lot of movies and cartoons with pirates fighting their enemies, drinking rum with cigars and singing pirates songs. Which of us hasn't dreamt of being a pirate, navigating through stormy waves and living an adventurous life full of danger? I think there'll be just a few of us who think differently. However the childhood is over and we no longer see pirates as our heroes. Still when you feel nostalgic, there's nothing more calming and relaxing than a glass of fine Cuban (and not only) rum and a good qualitative stogie.

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Cognac vs. Cigars

When you consider a beverage perfectly matching a cigar, cognac is the first you probably think of. This pairing is time-tested, thus a classic one. Here are some of our suggestions, which could help you while choosing an appropriate sort of cognac to your stogie.

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Tequila And Cigars

What comes to your mind at first when hearing the word tequila? Acapulco beach, bright sun and bronzed girls ;) or a warm evening at the terrace in a Mexican restaurant with a beautiful lady next to you? A hot and passionate Latino dance in a crowded place should also come in mind while drinking or just mentioning tequila.

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Port and cigars

There are many spirits in this world to satisfy people's tastes - scotch, cognac, beer, tequila and so many others, which you know very well. For me personally wine will always occupy the first place among all this variety - for its elegance, fineness, delicacy, etc. (Here it should be mentioned that port is another name for wine - a kind of wine variety of Portuguese bottling. This is why we will not make any difference between them in the article).

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Mojito - Cuban legend

We talk a lot about Cuban cigars (and won't stop discussing them in future) but never mention any drinks of Cuban origin, only when pairing them with cigars. I felt we should do something to fill this gap and decided to say a few words about [strong]Mojito[/strong] - one of the most popular cocktails in the world currently.

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Smoking suggestions for Independence Day

First of all, let me wish all US smokers and citizens in general a Happy and Safe 4th of July! Let this day bring you and your friends and family only joy and happy moments in your lives.

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