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Coffee and Cigars

- Would you like a cup of coffee?

- Oh, definitely, ... and a cigar, please.

Does this coffee/cigar pairing sound strange for those who have never taste it before or familiar for aficionados considering it the best cigar match ever? In any case, this alliance exists in reality and enjoys a tremendous popularity nowadays. Don't get me wrong, everyone has his/her own taste considering cigar pairing and may not agree with my statement but from many perspectives I think this combination is the most successful one.

First, you are able to enjoy your favorite stogie with this wonderful beverage right at work not worrying about how to drive back home- as those who pair alcohol with a cigar do.

Second, you can match every stogie to exactly that sort of coffee it needs. Here I refer to coffee body (you may be surprised but this beverage can be classified due to its body or strength as the cigar is), aroma, flavour and the region it comes from so that you could match stogie and coffee from the same province.

And the last, just imagine yourself sipping an aromatic homemade coffee and puffing a handmade cigar. Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Okay, teasing you was not my goal, so here are some pairings which are considered worth trying:

Guatemalan Blend - has a smooth acidity (relates to the coffee spice and varies from high to low), it has smoky tobacco aroma, it's medium to body in strength and is properly proportioned. It possesses the flavors of recently rained woody earth. It is worth trying with the Torano Signature Collection Toro which is full-bodied, deep stogie with sweet and spicy aromas.

Kenya Blend - very pleasant in taste with delicate leaf sweetness and tender grassy notes. These coffee beans have a gentle finish with fruity nuances. The blend matches pretty well with Kahlua Cigars Delicioso by Drew Estate. This sweet stogie with nutty flavor will definitely complement the herby juiciness of the beverage. These two are advised to be blended late in the morning.

Nicaraguan Blend - a very tasty flavor with some gentle cacao hints. The coffee possesses a great brightness with nuances of fruitiness and a powerful vivid finish. The mouthful feels great. The perfect pair for this blend is a Honduran Bench Press stogie which is in suit with the coffee both in savor and appearance. The stick looks a kind of gross, has a medium strength, with a dark wrapper and excellent spicy and leathery palate.

Organic Columbian - nicely balanced, with a mild acidity, creamy body, great brightness and gentle hints of mellow plum. The coffee is a little peppery and has a lot of green-tea quality due to its medium roast. The best pair to go with this beverage would be Torano Reserva Selecta Petit Corona which is mild in body with sweet and creamy taste. This quality is in harmony with the coffee's peppery acidity.

Puerto Rican blend - very strong and powerful, with smooth chocolate taste. It is hard to decide what cigar to pair with this coffee, maybe Torano Reserva Selecta again due to its Connecticut wrapper. Perhaps a smooth and savoury stogie with little chocolate hints would be another great choice to match with the coffee.

Cuban Coffees Overview

Cubita - this is the most popular coffee brand in Cuba. Cubita coffee has strong earthy tones, with a hint of smokiness and a caramel finish. Thus you will definitely enjoy it with a Cuaba Divinos.

Santiago - a wonderful exotic coffee, smooth buttery and pleasantly sweet. It would be a perfect companion to a Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme.

Serrano Selecto - this elegant, smooth and well balanced coffee with hints of fruitiness is the preferred choice when smoking a Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.1.

Turquino Montanes - a very aromatic full-bodied coffee with honey undertones, it's rich, creamy and spicy. If you're going to smoke Cohiba Siglo III, Turquino would be a great choice.

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Paul Miklo
I thought that this was about cuban cigars!
Not dominican, not honduran and not nicaraguan.
Well.. I think being unbiased is not bad. A very nice comprehensive overview. I personally smoke cigars with coffee most of the times.
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