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Port and cigars

There are many spirits in this world to satisfy people's tastes - scotch, cognac, beer, tequila and so many others, which you know very well. For me personally wine will always occupy the first place among all this variety - for its elegance, fineness, delicacy, etc. (Here it should be mentioned that port is another name for wine - a kind of wine variety of Portuguese bottling. This is why we will not make any difference between them in the article).

It may be said that wine stands apart in this spirit row, a kind of beverage king. No matter what any person decides to drink - is it cognac, whisky or gin with tonic, there's always a bottle of fine wine for every occasion in the cellar. The wine seems to be irreplaceable when it comes to celebrating some special occasion or simply as a complement for dinner. Unlike any other drink, it is also recommended for having health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart attack for people in middle age (when drinking moderately of course). And, finally, what can be better than smoking a good cigar with your favorite wine? Only drinking your preferred sort of wine with the best stogie from your collection. Whichever way you look at it, the wine seems to be the most perfect beverage in the world. Here it should be noted that only high quality spirit can provide you with all the pleasures stated above. And without forgetting about the last requirement, we are finally approaching the most agreeable moment of this article - the wine-cigar pairing itself. Here we go!

1st Pair

Carlos Torano Reserva Decadencia is cigar wrapped with a Honduran tobacco leaf. This is a light to medium bodied stick with nuances of sweet cream, cedar wood which lead to an herbaceous finish. The cigar is characteristic for its leathery and chocolate port aroma.

Decadencia Chocolate Port - is very rich and plentiful in taste. Dark colored, with a cranberry shade and mighty sweet mocha flavors, this wine gives an abundance of sweet aftertaste. But the very surprise is waiting for you at the end only - you are able to taste the sweet chocolate layered cherries and dates aroma. The finish is harmonious and nicely balanced.

This pairing is chosen mostly for the reason that the wine served as an inspiration for creating the cigar. There's no doubt, their tasting notes and flavors resemble each other and combine pretty well. That's why you are now "armed and dangerous" - no more need to think what to drink with this kind of cigar, and vice-versa!

2nd Pair

Opus X Cigar is medium to body cigar, though not overpowering. The stick is known for its silky Rosado wrapper which as well as the filler and the binder is made from tobacco leaf grown in the Dominican Republic. The stogie itself is very smooth with the spicy notes and some cream hints.

Opus One Wine - this wine is perfect, it can be called the "The Drink of God" for sure. The most amazing thing about this beverage is that it is distilled from several wine grapes: consisting of almost 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, it also includes Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes. You can imagine what wonderful bouquet of taste and aroma persists in this wine!

This pair seems well but not perfect. The cigar isn't just into the wine. It lacked some important elements, which would help it make a great pair. However, you can safely wash your Opus X Cigar down with this wine!

3rd Pair

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes manages to mix a lot of flavours together and makes the whole stick worth trying again and again. It's a full-bodied cigar where the flavors of leather, earth and chocolate dominate. It is also known for having nuances of spice and wood. The smoke is smooth and even; the finish is unforgettably powerful.

Dow's late-bottled vintage is a full bodied and mighty port wine with perfect bright red color. It has ripe red fruit aroma with of spicy and peppery hints. The taste is perfectly balanced with slight tannis notes. The finish being dry and long-lasting completes the whole favorable impression.

This match is perfect due to the way the cigar and wine complement each other - cigar's maduro wrapper balances port's spice; sweetness is another good flavor equilibrium, which makes this pair be so welcome.

4th Pair

Cohiba Siglo III is a Cuban cigar released to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to the New World. The stick is medium in body with creamy, earthy and a spicy aroma and mellow powerful tobacco taste with a bit of chocolate on the palate. It is known for its bitter aftertaste, without any evident flavors.

Fonseca Ten Year Old Tawny Port is a mahogany colored wine with sparkling dark red glares and aromatic mellow fruit smell. The beverage is soft with light oak hints and prolonged excellent plum - like end.

Pairing these two could be one of the best decisions you have ever made - the mellowness of them both is mutually complementary and does not need anything additional to make this couple more perfect.

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Thanks for the article guys and for spreading the word about Port! I am lucky to live in Portugal and have access to original Ports. I can confirm that Port goes great with cigars.
My first choice (not sure if it's available abroad) - Sandeman 10 years Tawny. It pairs nicely with full or medium to full flavor premium cigars.
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