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Cigar Smoking Celebrities

Cigars - connecting people...

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Women Smoke Cigars Video

She is attractive, she is strong, she is not afraid to break rules and take risks...

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Cigar Art

A good cigar gives as much enjoyment as a beautiful work of art... We hope these works of art will give you as much enjoyment as a good cigar.

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Cigar Humour

We collected some funny pictures about cigars to bring a smile to your face :) Enjoy!

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Must Visit Places In Havana

Take a look at some pictures of one of the most beautiful places in Havana, Cuba. I'm an optimistic person, so I'm sure we all will get there someday ;)

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Tobacco Leaf Sculptures

Cuba, a little island lost in the Caribbean region, has always been enveloped in a mysterious and romantic halo. Fidel Castro, the invincible, almost immortal leader of Cuban people; Che Guevarra, his loyal comrade, whose image became a trending element in the world fashion industry; Cuban cigars - no comments :); Cuban Rum - Havana Club, Bacardi - no comments again, I guess, you know what this means without my remarks. And finally a new name came on the scene - Janio Nuñez, a Cuban sculptor who creates his sculptors of famous people using the Cuban tobacco leaves.

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Practical Use Of A Cigar Box

Did you know that cigar boxes could serve you for a long time after you've smoked the cigars out of them? Just don't throw them away and learn what they can be used for:

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Old Tobacco Ads

Take a look at the old tobacco ads I have collected for you - very beautiful vintage posters, they could easily compete with modern ads about smoking, and win .....

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