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The extra moisture and ammonia are further removed from fermented leaves. To achieve that, the tobacco is aging in palm-tree leaves (for obtaining additional aromas) at 18-19 degrees Celsius in special accommodations at the factories.

Aging is a slow continuation of fermentation. Tobacco matures to the necessary state as wine in the bottle. The oxidation process of the organic substances continues: microorganisms destroy oxygen from the molecular chains, but it is already less intense, since humidity and temperature are lowered and there is no scarcity of oxygen.

During the aging in palm-tree leaf packing, the tobacco gives off extra moisture and ammonia. This can continue for five - six years.

Most important in the aging process is mixing the aromatic substances. The natural aromas of fresh tobacco are seriously enriched during the process of fermentation, and they merge with aging: some of them enter into chemical reactions between each other. Consequently, the longer the aging, the richer the aromatic range.

Tannins protect the aromatic substances from being destroyed by microorganisms. However, tannins themselves are also organic substances: five - six years - the "lifetime" of tannins - is considered the optimum period of aging for cigars.

However, the demand for tobacco is so great that the aging in production processes must be greatly reduced. Today tobacco is kept on average for about half a year at the factories. The tobacco of more prolonged aging is used only for the Limited Edition series.

Usually cigars are recommended to be stored at home in a humidor after purchase. And if you have enough patience to wait five years, then you will obtain true pleasure from your own aging and from the aged cigar.

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