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What's in a Cigar?

The Beginner's Guide to Tobacco Cultivation.

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The Wrapper Leaf

Well let's begin with the wrapper leaf. The wrapper leaf likes to be protected. The wrapper leaf is the sensing, touchy feely part of the bunch. Well not really (the sensing, touchy feely part of the bunch) but the wrapper is a sensitive being that needs to be treated with care. So much so that it requires the protection of a safety blanket known as the cheese cloth. The cheese cloth protects the wrapper from harmful solar radiation (sounds like a sunscreen commercial!). It can reduce exposure to the sun's harmful rays by up to 32% (it really does, no joke!), ensuring the wrapper grows up to live a fulfilling life.

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The Binder Leaf

The binder leaf likes to be sun grown (unlike the wrapper) and is categorized as the outgoing social type. Binder leaves can also be grown in the shade.

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The Filler Leaf

Filler leaves are responsible for providing the cigar's traits in which its quality will be based on (a lot of things rest on this fellow's shoulders!). So fillers make or break a good cigar.

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At the present day any other country producing tobacco can't compete with Cuba. Cuban tobacco planters claim that besides the climate peculiarities, what makes their tobacco great is the soil rich with minerals.

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Impact of the Wrapper

Many smokers believe that the wrapper does not influence the flavor of a cigar. But it is not true. In the process of smoking the wrapper touches your lips, ether oils dissolve in the saliva and the smoker tastes the flavor. The oilier is the wrapper, the more ether oils are present and, thus, more flavor is produced. Nevertheless, the wrapper is not as rich in flavor and taste as the filling.

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Growing Tobacco at Home

Ever thought about growing a plant different from others in your garden? Like tobacco plant, for example, to be able to roll and smoke cigars made by your own hands? I bet, you did, so I'm happy to announce that growing tobacco at home is legal and very simple, until you live in a high rise building.

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The weirdest objects inside cigars

We understand that this sounds intriguing and a little frightening at first, but we are sure that some of you, seeking for new discoveries, have already examined at least one cigar and, the luckiest (or not) of you, have even found an interesting object inside it.

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