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The Wrapper Leaf

Well let's begin with the wrapper leaf. The wrapper leaf likes to be protected. The wrapper leaf is the sensing, touchy feely part of the bunch. Well not really (the sensing, touchy feely part of the bunch) but the wrapper is a sensitive being that needs to be treated with care. So much so that it requires the protection of a safety blanket known as the cheese cloth. The cheese cloth protects the wrapper from harmful solar radiation (sounds like a sunscreen commercial!). It can reduce exposure to the sun's harmful rays by up to 32% (it really does, no joke!), ensuring the wrapper grows up to live a fulfilling life.

So Why Does The Wrapper Need So Much Protection? What Will a Good Cheese Cloth Do?

A Good Cheese Cloth Ensures:

- Its leaves are silky smooth and refine in texture

- It grows 40cm plus in length and 20cm plus in width

- does not ugly leaf nerviations

- It remains undamaged, protected from production equipment and natural disease

- It retains a high concentration of essential oils and resin

- It is pliable

- It has consistency in colour (looks sharp baby!)

- It is easily lit (so baby you can light its fire!)

All these are important characteristics to cultivate if your aim is to grow a good wrapper.

Premium Quality Wrapper

So how do you distinguish a good wrapper from a top shelf premium quality wrapper? In addition to these characteristics, a premium quality wrapper will embody the following:

- Moderate nicotine levels

- Moderate and natural tobacco flavours

- Distinct and soothing aroma

- Just the right balance of nitrogenous elements

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Is the wrapper determined simply at planting, and covered with cheesecloth from a specific point during it's growth? Is it a specific seed/tobacco?

Thank you
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