What's in a Cigar?

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What's in a Cigar?

The Beginner's Guide to Tobacco Cultivation.

We all know there are cigars, and there are CIGARS! But what's the difference? What makes some cigars merely pleasing, and others positively unforgettable? If those are the burning questions you've always wanted to ask, then you've come to the right place. Read on to find out exactly what separates the good from the exquisite.

Meet the Cigar

Cigars have an interesting and dynamic history. Just as interesting and dynamic as its history, is the cultivation process that goes behind producing a cigar. But before we get to that, I will just quickly run through some important facts about tobacco (will make sense why later on). Ok, here it goes. Tobacco leaves are categorized into different types depending on the leaf's characteristics and what it will be used for. In other words, it takes different types of tobacco leaves to make the various tobacco products available e.g. cigars, dark tobacco, pipe tobacco etc.

OK, sorted? Great!

So What Kind of Leaves Are Used to Make a Cigar?

Simple. Cigars are made from 3 different leaves, each with its own unique characteristics and roles to play. These leaves are known by the following names: Wrappers, Binders and Fillers.

Yup, Ok. So Introduce Me to the 3 Leaf Musketeers

The Wrapper Leaf

The Binder Leaf

The Filler Leaf

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A very interesting article - I didn't know anything about tobacco leaf before. thanks!
I have schitzophrenia and as I take the medicine, I do smoke. However, there is a clear distinction between ciggarettes and cigars. By far a cigar, holds more value and enhances the mood portion of my mood disorder. By reading the article I followed the leaf chart and understand a bit how the manufacturing process can be deceiving.
I know more now than I did before about cigars
Wow wow wow I always thought that cigars were worse than cigarettes
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I don't like a cigar ring over the 56 ring size. It's too hard to keep it lit and I find it not too enjoyable. As for full stengrh,I would rather have full flavor than a stick that is all power and no flavor. I like a medium stengrh cigar Bolivar Conf. and some of the Oscuro wrapped Hoyo lines.
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